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The ‘STD Guide’ is an app, designed by ViralMesh that aims to cater to people that are infected with a sexually transmitted infection. The app claims to be a comprehensive guide to sexually transmitted diseases and aims to educate people about how they can deal with such infections in the simplest way possible.

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The Approach

STDs are pretty difficult to deal with already and the app doesn’t make things any tougher. It is not only easy to use but the information available on it is strategically placed to have greater impact. The language is simple and the content isn’t very technical either, which is great for those who don’t wish to know about the technicalities. The makers of this app seem to have understood the fact that simplification of information is always better than complication it in order to accommodate more data.

The app has information of every STD – Chlamydia, Genital Herpes, Gonorrhea, HPV, Trich, HIV / AIDS and Hepatitis. When you chose a STD, the app displays every piece of information from what the STD is, its symptoms, how can it be diagnosed as well as treatment techniques. The information is updated on a regular basis so that you don’t miss out on the latest developments in the field of STDs.


Other Services

In addition to reading all the information about sexually transmitted diseases, you can also find the nearest STD specialty clinic through this site. Besides, you’d also be able to share and read questions from your peers and develop a better understanding of the infection.


 Downloading the app on your iOS device would cost you $1.99, which is a one – time payment. There are no other subscription options and the app does not have any advance options that aren’t accessible to standard users. Given the amount of information available on the app, the cost is very reasonable and in fact, lesser than most apps available on the App Store.

Should you download it?

While the app’s information base isn’t as extensive as larger platforms such as, it is still a good one to have on your device. This can be regarded as a miniature version of bigger STD platforms that aim to provide a great deal of information about these infections and help you deal with it. In addition, as this platform would also allow you to connect with like – minded people and participate in discussions, you’re more likely to learn more from personal experiences of others.

The app also encompasses information about STD care locations in your neighbourhood, which is a very crucial as information on the web can never be compared to assistance from a medical professional that has experience in dealing with cases such as yours.

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