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Hift app

HIFT is another dating app available on both iOS and Android platforms that specialises in connecting people with a sexually transmitted disease. This is dating community made exclusively for those people ‘gifted’ with genital herpes, oral herpes, cold sores, genital warts, HPV, HIV / AIDS, and other STDs. Since its inception, the website has specialised in bringing together people for fun, dating or a long term relationship, based on their preferences.

The primary objective of this dating app has been to encourage people with STDs that had lost hope of finding a match after facing rejections. If you’re one among those having herpes, HPV or HIV and feel that you’re alone, this is the right platform for you. In addition, there would be absolutely no fear of rejection or being discriminated just on the basis of your medical condition.

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Audience and ease of use

 This app has been designed for those looking for herpes dating, HPV dating, HIV dating, or any kind of support to help them deal with sexually transmitted diseases. Using this app is no rocket science and even first time users wouldn’t face any issues when it comes to accessing some of the most critical features available on the app. Dating isn’t the only thing that the app focuses on. You can also make friends and get in touch with others that can guide you better.

The app is currently available in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Houston, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose, London Sydney, Toronto, Vancouver, Hamilton, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo and Paris, among others.

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Subscription charges

You can become a member of HIFT for free and access the basic features available on this site. However, as this would prevent you from accessing all the other advanced available, you can upgrade your membership and become a premium user. Users that wish to upgrade are supposed to pay a subscription fee, the details of which are mentioned below:

  • 6 month subscription: $12.99 per month onward.
  • 3 month subscription: $14.99 per month onward.
  • 1 month subscription: $19.99 per month onward.

It is evident that premium membership of this site is very reasonable compared to other apps in the segment. All the payments would be renewed automatically unless you opt out. If you wish to opt out, you’d have to turn it off on the iTunes Account Settings page at least 24 hours before your membership is scheduled to renew.


 This app is very different from apps that are exclusive to STD dating. While the idea is to bring together STD singles from across the globe, HIFT follows a very different approach. It is worth noting that the set of features accessible to free users is different from that accessible to premium users. Some of the features that are accessible to premium users are mentioned below:

  • As a VIP member of this service, you’d have the authority to send messages to anyone you like.
  • Search for more compatible matches based on location.
  • Check out the list of people that have shown interest in your profile.
  • Remain anonymous to everyone except for those you’ve added to the favourites list.
  • Own a special VIP emblem that you make you stand out from other users on this site.
  • Get recommendations from the website based on the information provided on your profile.
  • Read and reply to all messages instantly.
  • Receive real time notification for as long as you’re connected to the internet.
  • Start ‘playing’. A game that allows users to communicate only if they’ve shown mutual interest. Users can decide whether or not they’re interested in someone just by looking at their picture.


 It goes without saying that HIFT is an amazing app that specialises in bringing together people with herpes and other STDs on a common platform so that they can seek support, make friends or find a life partner. We found the user interface to be very intuitive and easy to use. The features at the disposal of users and you wouldn’t have to struggle in order to use a few features on this site.

Even first time users can make the most of this service without checking out any tutorials. The availability of an extensive set of features ensures there are no hurdles in finding a companion. HIFT not only excels as a dating platform but also encompasses a great deal of information pertaining to STDs and how you can deal with their symptoms. All in all, we feel that this is a complete package that is offered at a very affordable price bracket.

To sum up, this is worth a try but as this is new to the market, don’t expect a lot of users to be available here.

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